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Thank you for your interest in my custom pet urns. Pets have always been an important part of our lives and families. When a pet passes, we grieve. Often, we look for a way to keep our family companion as a permanent part of us. As an artist, I create pet urns that allow us to do that. I can create raku pottery for any size pet. I’ve made custom pottery for dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds and squirrels. I can personalize any pet urn with dates, or a paw print, or anything you can think of.

Your pet is one-of-a-kind, so all of my pottery is custom-made to create a unique urn to honor each individual pet.

We have included pictures of custom pet urns that give you various ideas of what vessels we have made over the years, but we can also work with you on an individual basis to commission something altogether unique.  No child, not even my triplets, are exactly identical.  No horse, dog, cat, chicken or bird we have loved, was ever identical to any other being.  In art, no two pieces handmade are identical.  It’s about relationships, and the heart felt hope Blue Ridge Vessels can create a shared space for your loved one that helps in the ritual of passage.

Starting prices for a custom urn begin at $100.00. This includes the classic fired ceramic pet urn with your pet's name; life span; your involvement in designing the shape and colors. Additional options are available upon request, and priced accordingly.

We welcome your requests to customize a vessel to honor your pet.  Please visit the contact us page.








Custom made cat urn Ollie's Vessel Custom made cat urn for orange tabby cat Custom made pet urn for Iraqi Freedom Military dog
Custom made cat vessel for keepsakes Custom made horse urn for Tony Custom made cat urn
Photo of Baron the dog

Photograph by Carrie Anderson French

Amos the goat
Amos's family ordered a goat hair raku'd urn.