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About the Artist

Pottery became an integral part of my life over 25 years ago. I lived in the Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia, working with people who had lost a loved one unexpectedly. We carry one another’s burdens in our hearts, so I looked for a way to process their loss and pain into something that was rejuvenating. I began studying pottery, and fellow classmates, teachers and east coast potters became an extension of my family.

Over the years I came to realize that the process of building something with clay mirrors raising a child, or developing a relationship with a life long partner. The unruly clay demands the attention of my mind and body, in an intention to center it and create something that becomes filled with breath and energy. While cradling the clay, I have been able to regularly traverse between inspiration and familiarity, passion and comfort.

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photo of Diego the Hawk
"Diego" the hawk could not be released because he had been shot down and his wing was permanently damaged. He lived at the rehab facility for 7 years, prior to passing of natural causes. His urn was my first "green" urn: feathers, and contents of nest were embedded into the clay urn.