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I am keenly aware that I am crafting a vessel that will be filled with meaning and reward. It must be done in a sacred manner, which allows me to follow threads of interest, to play, to spend time with color, texture, volume and scale, and to watch these elements unfold in the evolution of a single piece made to order.

Blue Ridge Vessels are hand thrown, inscribed, and meant to touch hearts by weaving into each piece the stories you share with me about your loved one. Vessels and urns are meant to enhance the ritual of passage, honoring a life that touched yours, the journey as well as the destination. Each vessel is unique, influenced by the stories about your loved one.

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photo of Diego the Hawk
"Diego" the hawk could not be released because he had been shot down and his wing was permanently damaged. He lived at the rehab facility for 7 years, prior to passing of natural causes. His urn was my first "green" urn: feathers, and contents of nest were embedded into the clay urn.