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The Process

All of our custom pet urns are totally hand made from stoneware clay. The clay comes from soil respectfully mined from several regions. Concentrating exclusively on hand-building techniques, we create one-of-a-kind vessels with options for textures, primitive firing methods, such as Raku, Horse Hair and Pit Fire.

Urns start at $100.00 (shipping included). Prices for specific urns are negotiated based on customer preferences. Upon agreement we invoice the customer through PayPal (customers do not have to have their own PayPal account).

Raku fired custom made horse hair urn
Raku fired custom made horse hair urn.

Photo of small orange urn
The hair from squirrel fur was used for this raku piece.

There are three options for the custom pet urns:

Personalizing the Urn

All of the urns made by Blue Ridge Vessels are hand-crafted and are custom-made for your pet. The information that you share about your pet strongly influences the final product.

Personalize your pet's urn with a name and dates

Make your pet's urn even more unique by adding his or her name and dates to the urn. Patti will stamp your pet's personalization on the side of the urn. Choose this personalization option when you order the urn, if desired. If adding dates too, please type the date range exactly as you would like it to be carved. For example just as numbers 6/24/99 - 5/30/10, as long dates June 24, 1999 - May 30, 2010, or as abbreviated dates Jun. 24, 1999 - May 30, 2010.

Personalize with your pet's paw print

Another option for customizing the urn is to use your pet's paw print. You can put your pet's paw in ink, or outline it, and we will put the imprint on the urn wherever you would like the signature to be.

Example of the paw (cat) print option

PLEASE NOTE: The nature of hand made pottery is that each piece is unique and will have slight variations of color, surface and size. Each urn has its own character and is completely unique.

For tips on using urns and storing ashes, please see our Urns FAQs.

Personalized urns are non-refundable. All other urns can be returned within five days for a full refund. Please pack well, the customer is responsible for return shipping and any damage that occurs in route.


Custom made cat urn Custom made urn for hawk Custom made dog urn with hand built dog biscuit on top Custom Pet Urn with personalized paw print from cat

tony the pony
Tony the pony. Horse hair urn.


A photo of Tickles the Squirrel


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